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(323) 512-SAFE (7233)
4640 Admiralty Way, 5th Fl.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Camelot Group Private Security (CGPS) provides specialized security as a service with officers and guards for VIP Security Protection and crowd control at concerts, back stage, front of stage, on film sets, and on location.
CGPS's VIP Security Protection Services undertake special close protection work for many out of town visitors and continuous close protection for VIPs and their families. We use the best-trained and qualified staff, choosing teams who have previously worked together and are able to act quickly, discreetly, and responsibly.
We'll provide everything from barriers for crowd control, two-way radio contact and pre-event setup security, to comprehensive cordon and search operations.
From birthday parties, fashion shows to corporate events, no one beats CGPS's attention to detail. CGPS's has built a solid and loyal client base due to the high standards we expect from our personnel.

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