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Camelot Group Private Security
Camelot Group Private Security (CGPS) is an organization which was created by individuals in the security guard service and law enforcement industry who saw a need for a security guard company which offers high quality service.

What really sets us apart from other security guard companies and organizations is the fact that we work along side with law enforcement agencies.

The industry is plagued by the private security guard companies which struggle for the lowest bid.  They rush to find anyone to throw their uniform on and rush out to their client's site.
Our goal is not to gather up as many contracts as possible but rather as many of the top quality people. Experience has shown that many clients require more than a warm body wearing a security guard uniform to protect their interests. It is our goal at Camelot Group Private Security to continue to provide it's security guards with high quality & up to date training. It has been our experience in the past that training & education creates professionalism. A professional team is the key to success.
Camelot Group Private Security is able to provide officers appropriately uniformed and equipped for events. Security guards can monitor entry control protect property from theft and damage and handle disturbances that may arise. Additionally electronic remote monitoring systems can be used to enhance event security and safety.
All CGPS's personnel are fully trained, most are veteran, retired or off duty police officers. They are further screened, and tested before being assigned to a client's particular needs.
A professional appearance, politeness, friendliness and an ability to deal with any breaches of security in a firm and effective manner, without causing any unnecessary disturbance, form the core duties and responsibilities of our personnel.
CGPS's personnel have a distinctive uniform and a professional dress code, regularly spot-checked by managers, and is worn with pride by our officers.
Our officers often assist in coordinating the main security operation, supervising security guards, scheduling duties and in control of up to 5 security guards at a time. Their attention to detail in completing visitor or log books assures you of complete accurate records at any one time.
CGPS's website and phone support are available 24/7, with emergency replacements available at very short notice.
From the moment a CGPS's security guard begins, he will work along side your organization, integrating fully with the workings of your operation. We ensure that your time is not wasted with holidays, sickness, training, planning, and payroll functions.
CGPS supplies security guards with full up to date security knowledge and current first aid training.
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Camelot Group Private Security (CGPS) was created by members involved with the security guard service industry and law enforcement field who wanted to create a company, which was unlike the average security guard company. CGPS conducts operations from the following perspective:
•   We will continually strive to help personnel achieve personal growth and advancement through training.

•   Growth of the client base will be conducted at a slow controlled pace. No business will be accepted unless we can maintain our existing clients with a high level of service.

•   All personnel utilized will be personally known by the principal members of the company to the extent that they know that a person's character and ability are consistent with the company's standard.
If you're thinking about contracting with a private security guard company or are in need to replace your current private security guard company, please contact us. Our Security Coordinator will be happy to answer all your security questions

Camelot Group Private Security (CGPS) provides specialized security as a service with officers and guards for VIP Security Protection and crowd control at concerts, back stage, front of stage, on film sets, and on location.
CGPS's VIP Security Protection Services undertake special close protection work for many out of town visitors and continuous close protection for VIPs and their families. We use the best-trained and qualified staff, choosing teams who have previously worked together and are able to act quickly, discreetly, and responsibly.
We'll provide everything from barriers for crowd control, two-way radio contact and pre-event setup security, to comprehensive cordon and search operations.
From birthday parties, fashion shows to corporate events, no one beats CGPS's attention to detail. CGPS's has built a solid and loyal client base due to the high standards we expect from our personnel.

Security Guard Officer for special events
Camelot Group Private Security (CGPS) provides special event security with both armed and unarmed officers, guards and bodyguards for your private, professional, personal and protective needs.
Special Event Security Guard Teams work together in units all year round, ensuring your event or function runs smoothly. From corporate parties to major fashion shows, indoor and outdoor sporting events, to society weddings. Each event is unique and each team is unique.
Camelot Group Inc.