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(323) 512-SAFE (7233)
4640 Admiralty Way, 5th Fl.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Camelot Group Private Security (CGPS) assures security guards to suit your needs.

Explain to us in detail what your expectations are. Our security agency will be able to provide security guards appropriately uniformed and equipped for events. Some clients request highly visible uniformed security guards, undercover (plain clothes) guards, or for special events, formal attire. Additionally, electronic remote monitoring systems can be used to enhance event security and safety. Whatever your request, our goal is to meet them.
CGPS Personnel are fully trained. A complete background check on each officer is completed prior to hiring. They are further screened, and tested before being assigned to a client's particular needs. We also have veteran or retired police officers on our team.

With many security guard companies out there, our executive protection with security guards and body guards often assist in coordinating the main security operation, supervising regular officers, scheduling duties and in control of up to 5 officers at a time. Their attention to detail in completing visitor or log books assures you of complete accurate records at any one time, and ensuring that unwanted visitors and security violations are handled in a professional manner.
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A professional appearance, politeness, friendliness and an ability to deal with any breaches of security in a firm and effective manner, without causing any unnecessary disturbance, form the core duties and responsibilities of our personnel.
CGPS website and phone support are available 24/7. From the moment a CGPS's security guard begins, he will work along side your organization, integrating fully with the workings of your operation. We ensure that your time is not wasted with holidays, illness, training or planning.

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